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20 January 2011 @ 05:26 pm
The Boss got a chance to step on the Red Carpet with all black outfits while attending the 20th Seoul Music Awards! With a variety of awards presented was the Rookie Award which was given to 3 groups...The Boss, CN Blue and Sistar!

After Nickhun announced The Boss, the MC's said that they 'Gained a lot of attention as the 2nd DBSK'. The MC's must have also been expecting tears for they mentioned they were expecting to see crying, for it was a big award. However they did not cry and instead were shocked.

The Boss responded to the award by first thanking their company family members and revealed 'We are so happy to receive an award that can only be won once' and 'We will receive the award thinking it means for us to work even harder' and even added 'Thanks to all the fans who always supports us from behind.'

Rookie Award The Boss pulls of dancing + ballad

The Boss sang both 'New Boyz' and 'Admiring Boy'. They created a smooth atmosphere with their amazing performance that took over the stage as they sang a ballad song.

Source: Naver + TV Daily + OSEN + Newsen
Translator: jenn`♫ @ AstroMAFIA.com
Popsicle showed off their singing abilities.

Popsicle is a unit group of The Boss, which is composed of members Mika, Karam and Jay. They made their debut through Music Bank on last January 14th with a song named ‘Love you until it snows in summer’. A lot of people took interest in Popsicle as their stage was cute and fresh with a sweet propose song. Especially, Mika showed off his singing abilities by succeeding to sing the three octave high note, which got famouse because IU performed it.

His singing abilities were above average in normal life too. In Naver Music Special, ‘A day of an idol’, he showed a he showed he sang three octave high note with beatbox and guitar accompaniment, with Karam, who is a member of The Boss. People showed a great interest, with comments like ‘His great singing abilities.’ and some said ‘How can a man pull out three octave high note? Wow.’

People’s response to their stage was also a positive side. Right after their stage, Popsicle, and their song title was on the top parts of popular searched topics of Portal websites and also in Twitter. Netizens commented ‘The kiss performance in middle of their cheography was cute.’ And some commented that ‘They really look close with eachother and they looked like they are really enjoying singing on the stage.’ Netizens also commented that their songs are so addictive.

Popsicle said to their fans that ‘They hope that their stage will be memorable to their fans, and although they only can be on stage for two weeks, but they can do better in Japan thanks to their fan’s interest and love for them. The Boss will be coming back to their fans with more improved group sometime in the future.

Source: Sports Choseon
Translations:Hee Sang@ AstroMAFIA.com
17 January 2011 @ 05:56 am
The Boss's unit, Popsicle catches the heart of nuna fans.

Popsicle and their song 'I'll love you until it snows in the middle of a summers day' has recieved much interest, constantly being searched on internet portal sites after debuting through KBS 2TV 'Music Bank' on the 14th.

'Han. Nun. Hae' is a sweet propse song where Popsicle got to show off their cute and fresh side on stage.

Neitzens continue to say "There kiss performance in the middle of their choreography was cute", "They seem to be really enjoying it on stage", "This sweet propse song is perfect for the young members" and "It's a song I want to listen to again and again" on this topic.

Popsicle responded by saying that "Even though we are a bit sad they can only stay for 2 weeks and perform that the attention and love they are receiving will be a big help for them to work even harder. And it would be nice if it was a stage that fans could remember."

Popsicle consists of Mika, Karam and Jay. Karam has gotten attention through Naver's Music Special, where he personally wrote about the member's day on 'Daily life of an Idol'.

And the members even got attention by performing a song that included beatboxing, gutar and leader Mika's excellent singing. Mika also became a hot topic while he showed ff his explosive vocals by raising '3 trebles' on stage.

They will perform for 2 weeks and then return to Japan in order to prepare for their official debut.

Source: spn.edaily.co.kr + mdtoday.co.kr
Translator: jenn`♫ @ AstroMAFIA.com
15 January 2011 @ 11:45 pm
Through Naver Music Special, Hyunchul recently wrote a 'report' about The BOSS members' daily life and schedule!

source: Naver
translations: jenn`♫ @ Astromafia.com

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